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Traffic Education Area – Riviera

Project description

Transport education complex in Brno Riviera

Reconstruction of a classical castle and new construction of a covered traffic playground in the Riviera sports complex in Brno.

The largest traffic playground in the Czech Republic.

The playground itself consists of a network of roads with specifications for cycling. In this area, it is possible to induce several desired traffic situations. A system of mechanically interchangeable vertical traffic signs, which guarantees the variability and versatility of the playground, and a central control room for controlling traffic lights and traffic control, are also used for this purpose.

Electronic test boards are in areas within the playground, providing another form of education. The facilities are housed in a newly refurbished former gym building. It consists of an entrance area, changing room with lockers, toilet facilities with a staff area, and storage for hundreds of bicycles including tools for their initial repair.

The Riviera traffic playground is supplemented by a residential area with space to spare for the installation of additional simulators and simulators – a simulator for exiting an overturned vehicle, a crash simulator, a drunken trail, and other furnishings. The building is connected to the outdoor traffic playground, which is connected to the indoor playground with tarpaulin walls during summer. In terms of size, this is the largest traffic playground in the Czech Republic.

Reconstruction of the castle

The building now serves as a space for the theoretical part of the traffic education programmes and also as an administrative part of the traffic education area.

The symmetrical classical building with a generous three-armed staircase also contains a multifunctional hall, whose use goes beyond the programme content of the Traffic Education Campus. It is also intended to host social and cultural events here. The main foyer with reception is further connected to classrooms, changing rooms, and social facilities for visitors and staff. In the attic, there are offices and changing rooms for the municipal police and in the basement, there are technical rooms and warehouses.


Year of implementation:
Scope of activity:
Construction Design
Investment amount:
10 to 100 mil. CZK