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Fan towers at Dukovany Nuclear power plant

Project description

Fan towers at Dukovany nuclear power plant

To achieve a higher level of safe operation of the nuclear power plant, the construction of two fan towers and two super-emergency PG power supply facilities at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant was proposed.

The new cooling towers with fans are 17 metres high and, compared to the existing 125-metre-high cooling towers, are more resistant to seismic effects and extreme wind conditions, including tornadoes or prolonged high temperatures. The new cooling towers are primarily for cooling the plant's safety systems and the existing 8 cooling towers will be retained for cooling the turbine condensers. The terminal heat sink buildings will remove residual heat from equipment where long-term cooling failure cannot be allowed.

K4 a.s was the technical supervisor of the investor on the construction site.


Industry and Logistics
ČEZ a.s.
Year of implementation:
Scope of activity:
Project Management
Investment amount:
10 to 100 mil. CZK