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Brno Technology park

Project description

Czech Technology Park Brno Project

The idea of the Brno Technology Park was created in the early 1990s. The urban concept of the British architect Peter Foggo gradually led to the implementation of a bold plan, which had to be modified over time for various reasons, but the basic urban idea – to integrate industrial, technological and administrative functions naturally into the urban structure – has been fulfilled. The administrative complex Czech Technology Park Brno is a campus-type business park, which includes retail, restaurant and other services situated in a pleasant green park.

K4 and Technology Park Brno

Our company started cooperation with the Technology Park in 2005. Gradually, until 2017, we conducted design work, engineering and construction management on several stages of the construction of this park. We participated in the construction of office buildings and high-tech production halls for variety of renowned companies such as FEI Czech Republic, Siemens, SGI, Timken, Český Mobil, Honeywell Controls, Symbol Technologies, Red Hat, and IBM.


Administration, Industry and Logistics
Technologický park Brno
Year of implementation:
Scope of activity:
Project Management, Construction Design
Investment amount:
more than 1000 mil. CZK