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Psychiatry Clinic – University Hospital In Pilsen

Project description

The University Hospital in Pilsen has a new pavilion where complex care for psychiatric patients will be concentrated. This new modern part of the psychiatric clinic was opened on 22 February 2020 on the premises of the University Hospital in Lochotín.

K4 a.s., in cooperation with the design company LT Projekt, participated in the project preparation and implementation of the abovementioned construction in the years 2016-2022. K4 a.s. developed an architectural study of the design of the construction, completed project documentation of the construction, and participated in the author's supervision during the entire implementation of the construction.

The new building of the psychiatric clinic pavilion is situated in the southwestern part of the perimeter of the closed area of the University Hospital Pilsen-Lochotín, south of the existing hospital buildings, in an open area with the surrounding parkland.

It is a freestanding pavilion embedded in the existing green area with 3 above-ground and one underground floor. The pavilion is connected by a closed corridor to the existing hospital buildings.

The total mass of the building, measuring 80x40m, is divided into two atriums, one enclosed and the other freely connected to the surrounding greenery.

The 1st floor of the building houses a day hospital with associated workshops for therapy and technical and operational facilities.

The 1st floor houses the outpatient department and an acute patient psychiatry unit

The 2nd floor houses the children's inpatient unit and the aftercare inpatient unit.

The 3rd floor houses the detox inpatient unit, the addictions inpatient unit, and a lecture room with facilities.

The total capacity is 90 beds.


Healthcare and Science
FN Plzeň
Year of implementation:
Scope of activity:
Construction Design
Investment amount:
100 to 1 000 mil. CZK