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Polyfunctional house Lučina

Project description

U-shaped residential complex with commercial space. It is a modern housing with metal elements, timeless design of terraces and exterior. On the ground floor there are commercial spaces, garage spaces and sufficient parking spaces next to the house.

Brno district Lesná

Brno's Lesná housing estate was built at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. The architects who designed it drew inspiration from distant Finland. At that time, it was a relatively unique housing estate in our conditions.

Among the apartment blocks, buildings for civic amenities were planted in the greenery. However, these lost their functionality with the change of times and began to remain empty and unused. Shops and other services moved elsewhere. This gave rise to the idea of using the existing building and retaining the space for the shop and adding housing.

Multifunctional house Lučina

In contrast to the surrounding additions on apartment blocks and balconies in a style often referred to as "business baroque", the architect chose a clean and simple architecture for the new building. As a result, the house blends sensitively into the existing greenery. The design partially utilised the existing supporting structures and complemented them with a three-storey extension and a six-storey extension.

The architectural concept of the design is based on the division of the building into a southern and northern wing. These are interconnected by an open circulation gallery that runs vertically through all the proposed floors. The northern wing is further divided into two parts by omitting one six-metre module. This solution significantly accentuates the staircase that runs through this space. On the eastern facade, a solitary building of vertical character, the tower, is connected to the gallery and forms a distinctive landmark on the side of the main access. There is also a main staircase with a lift connecting all floors.

On the roof of the building there are extensions with terraces in a regular grid, belonging to the apartments on the fourth floor. The rhythm of these extensions, as well as their different material expression, soften the relatively austere character of the whole building.

The design of the mass of the building and the layout of the individual floors had to take into account sufficient glare and lighting of the flats.

In the Multifunctional house Lučina 49 flats and 18 units for integrated housing function were created. In addition, the first floor of the northern wing has space for two commercial units. In the basement of the north wing there is a collective garage with 36 parking spaces, in the basement of the extension there are three individual garages and additional parking spaces are made on the north and east side of the building. The two floors of the south wing, using the space of the original building, house units for integrated housing functions are situated to allow for possible wheelchair accessible housing.

A total of 49 flats with a floor area of 42.7 m² to 164.6 m² are built in the extension of the 2nd floor to the 4th floor of the northern and southern wings and the entire area of the newly added tower – the 6th floor. Of this number, 17 flats are made as duplexes, using the space of the 4th floor extensions of the north and south wings.

Access to the apartments is from the galleries, which are situated in the atrium between the north and south wings, connected to two staircases. This is how the apartment building was created, which is unusual in our conditions. Thanks to the galleries with pavilions, from where the entrances to the individual apartments are located, their residents will certainly meet. Moreover, through the large windows from their kitchens, which also face the inside of the "atrium", they can see – as they say – all the way to their plates. The anonymity of a classic apartment block, where people step out of the lift and disappear behind a door in a dark corridor, has taken its toll.

Complete project documentation, engineering and author's supervision.


Housing and Services
Year of implementation:
Scope of activity:
Construction Design
Investment amount:
100 to 1 000 mil. CZK